Friday, December 01, 2006

So what is it that you're doing there

Basically what I'm doing is teaching journalism and leadership skills to students and professionals. Here I'm giving a seminar on journalism ethics to students at the largest public university in Santa Cruz. The students invited me over to their newsroom afterwards to interview me for their online newspaper.
A few days later I gave a workshop on sales techniques to the advertising staff of a weekly business publication. And the day after that, I met with about 15 editors at a daily newspaper to coach them on how to hold people accountable and give effective critiques. So I'm doing a variety of presentations.

For the most part, I set up these workshops myself by calling up the editors or news directors and offering my services, which are attractively priced -- free. It's rare that something doesn't come out of one of these queries. And so far, everyone has asked me to come back. Must be the accent.
In January, I will be teaching an intensive four-week course at the Evangelical University in how to start and run your own media business (print, radio program, TV program, web site). It's a mix of journalism content and business content.

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