Monday, February 19, 2007

Carnaval parade in Cochabamba

The Corso Infantil, or kids' parade, in Cochabamba, was interesting to see after a day in Oruro seeing an adult version. (That was spectacular; see next post) The kids' parade involved a lot of interaction between the participants and the crowd. Kids in the crowd used big soaker water-guns or cans of foam to shoot at each other and at the kids in the parade.
Certain people seemed to be identified as non-combatants and therefore escaped attack. Grandfatherly and grandmotherly types, very small children, people without protective plastic smocks and the Aymara and Quechua vendors of spuma (foam), water balloons and snacks.

There was a lot of warfare going on. Among the images you see are an Inca queen with a golden backdrop behind her throne, a devil dancer, a little chola girl in a white hat, a chola woman selling a can of foam, $1.25 each.

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