Sunday, July 27, 2008

US creates more jobs for Mexicans than Mexico

The Guadalajara daily newspaper El Publico published a story Friday that said the U.S. has created more jobs for Mexicans than Mexico itself.
Citing figures from the Mexican Social Security agency and the U.S. Labor Department, the article said that in the past six years, Mexico has generated 2.2 million new jobs while the U.S. generated 2.4 million new jobs for Mexicans.
The article said 14.4 million Mexicans have jobs in Mexico 13 million more have jobs in the U.S.

It is given that Mexico´s population is more than 100 million and that the World Fact Book puts Mexico´s labor force at 44 million, we seem to be missing some workers here -- about 17 million. It could be that the official figures don´t take into account people who don´t register for Social Security and the informal labor market. Still, there are an awful lot of Mexicans working in the U.S.

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  1. Anonymous2:57 PM

    I knew it. I am a house painter and can not find work. Every time I drive by a job site I see gainfully employed Mexicans. I am white with a college degree in Fine Art and have been running a one man painting operation for seven years, but just can not find business. People prefer to hire Mexicans. Perhaps it makes them feel better. There is a perception that they are cheaper and take jobs American citizens don't want. I think they used to be cheaper, but they have smartened up and now command as much or more than I do. I have actually bid jobs lower than Mexican crews and the REO brokers have straight up told me that they just feel better hiring Mexicans. Even if I WILL work for less money than they do I still can't get the jobs. It's amazing how you can market yourself extremely well in the home remodeling industry just by having brown skin and not speaking English??