Wednesday, October 01, 2008

20 thugs steal 5 planes from army

My favorite new crime story is about how 20 armed men overcame one guard at an airport in La Perla, Sinaloa, a hotbed of drug activity, and stole 5 Cessna airplanes from the army.

According to a report in El Debate, some of the thugs gassed up the planes on the runway and flew off with them. The rest of the group left as they came.

The lone guard, who was bound hand and foot and left in his office, is being held on suspicion of involvement in the heist.

The five planes were among nine that the army had confiscated in January. A story in Milenio said that the planes had previously been used in the so-called Golden Triangle to ferry fertilizer and other supplies for production of illegal drugs. So it seems that the criminals were just taking back what they felt belonged to them.

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