Sunday, January 25, 2009

Half of Mexicans in poll think Obama won´t help them

Although people in Mexico seem to be thrilled that Obama is president, they remain their skeptical selves.

According to a poll by La Jornada, one of Mexico´s leading newspapers, 51% believe he won´t be good for Mexico, 25% say he will and 24% don´t know.

The poll was taken by sending emails to 5,000 people all over Mexico; 69 percent of those replied, and 200 added written responses.

Mexicans generally are skeptical that anything good can happen to them, and they say, sure, Obama might be great but he has to deal with our politicians who are corrupt and inefficient. They don´t believe in systems and governments; they believe in personal relationships and individual people.

“Our people shouldn´t have hope in Obama, what we should have is efficient politicians and a capable president.” -- Salvador Fernando Flores, Guadalajara

“That Obama is an intelligent and able man, there´s no doubt. But it´s important to remember that the gringos don´t have friends, they have interests. If it suits them to treat us well, we´ll be OK.“ -- Ismael Iñiguez Romero, Guadalajara

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