Monday, May 18, 2009

Dark days at the Baltimore Sun

A column in captures the essence of the newspaper crisis. The Baltimore Sun, which had 420 editorial employees a decade ago, now has one third that total.

Having previously shuttered bureaus in London, Beijing, and Moscow, the paper in the last few months closed local bureaus, including the one in Annapolis – Maryland's state capital.

More at "Dark day at Baltimore Sun, say critics - Michael Calderone -" -

When I arrived in Baltimore in 1995, the Sun had some truly great writers on their staff. It was a paper that I had to read and enjoyed reading. In the 11 years following, the paper had four different publishers and at least that many different editors as the corporate influence, first at the LA Times group and then at Tribune Co., made itself felt.

The Sun is a classic example of how corporate ownership helped speed the demise of large metropolitan dailies.

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