Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How a headline ricochets around the Web

OK, this is an ego trip but it´s also about how information gets spread around these days on the web. In other words, you can run but you can´t hide. (Photo from El País)

At a digital journalism conference in Huesca, Spain, I made one comment that a journalist for El País, Spain´s top daily, thought was notable and which got put into a headline: “We journalists have been arrogant (and haven´t listened to citizen journalists and readers)“.

Links to Facebook, Twitter, blogs
Journalists in Spain and Mexico linked it to their blogs and Facebook accounts and sent out Twitters with links to it. It ricocheted all over the place in cyberspace. In context, the quote is probably not as provocative, but in a headline it really grabs attention. Thank goodness it wasn´t something worse...

Here´s the link, with a photo

Heraldo de Aragón published an interview with me

Another article by a digital journalism site in Spain

An audio recording of my comments was published by someone here.

A newspaper in Chiapas, Mexico, reproduced the interview with Heraldo.

A mention in a blog

This is a decent summary of other presenters

Me on YouTube at the huesca conference; funny, I minute of question and 5 seconds of my response. My reaction is to the comment by the moderator that he was going to ask me a “provocative” question.

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