Friday, April 10, 2009

Graduation at the Digital Journalism Center

Manuel Moreno, left, is the director of the online university at the University of Guadalajara, which hosts my online courses in digital journalism.

Esther Vargas of Lima, Peru, was one of the star students in the most recent course, Digital Tools for Effective Public Service Journalism. Her project is on making taxi service safer in Lima, where informal cabbies often commit crimes against their passengers.

A work group from the course plans a script for an audio slideshow. We had 22 students from 12 different countries in this course. Each of them planned a reporting project that would be told in multimedia format. We´re waiting to see how some of them did.

Alfonso Fonseca, 24, is the new webmaster of the Digital Journalism Center and is getting our site ready for launch. Norma Lilia Cerda Martinez is the coordinator of the center and has worked at the university for 20 years. She knows all of the people and, more importantly, how to get things done in the vast bureaucracy.

David Ramirez is a professor who teaches courses in digital marketing and ecommerce. He helped me understand some of the ins and outs of teaching online, such as how to write the course, how to interact with students, etc.

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