Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bank robbery made easy: download cash to a DVD or iPod

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Trino the cartoonist is a treasure of Guadalajara, a true Tapatio, and this panel is a funny take on technology. Every day starts the same:

1. This is a robbery.

2. He: The money! She: Just a sec.

3. She: Would you like for us to download your money to a DVD?

4. He: ...load to a what?
She: A DVD. Then you print it.

5. She: You buy blank money paper and then you print it there.

6. She: Do you have a recordable DVD for the money?
He: I´ve got some blank Memorex casettes.

7. She: You dumb hick. Why bring casettes when it´s not music?

8. She: Bring an iPod here and I´ll download the money to it. Go!
He: OK

9. He: OK, I didn´t know what an eye-pot was but I brought my boom box. It´s a Pie-o-near.

She: Oh, what a loser.

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  1. I love this cartoon.....always look forward to the next installment! Nancy