Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Night of the Radishes in Oaxaca

This grasshopper made from radishes was part of the huge display called The Night of the Radishes, celebrated every Dec. 23 for more than 100 years.

Local people craft all kinds of sculptures from radishes, flowers, and corn husks and leaves.

There were thousands of people around the town square, packed five and six deep, to see these sculptures, which numbered maybe 200.

This video of just under 2 minutes shows some of the scenes of that night, a parade, and some sights around town. (I´m using a Flip video camera that´s about the size of a cellphone and editing the clips on iMovie on my Mac.)

This king was fashioned from carved radishes.

Scenes from Oaxaca

The rich ornamentation of the ceiling of Santo Domingo church does take your breath away. It triggers all kinds of mixed thoughts and feelings, given that you pass dozens of beggars on the way to the church.

Local crafts include mythological creatures fancifully painted. The Bulls jersey is probably from China.

Oaxaca is famous for its embroidered dresses and other textile arts. This was in a Christmas market.

Workers take a lunch break while repaving a street with cobblestones.

These mannequins show that Mexicans have a taste for tight pants.


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