Saturday, December 19, 2009

Women rodeo riders in Mexico, like the Blue Angels on horseback

Cindy and I went to see a Mexican rodeo back in October. It was a big championship with teams competing from various clubs and towns around the country.

Mexican rodeo is called charrería, and it includes the usual roping of calves and broncos, and something called the "death pass", in which a bareback rider jumps to another horse without saddle or reins. Sometimes they fall off.

Women riders are the coolest

The most impressive event, though, was something called escaramuza, literally "skirmish" in Spanish, in which women in long skirts, riding sidesaddle, perform precision maneuvers.

It´s easier to show a short video of two and a half minutes rather than to try any more description.

Drinks and snacks are different

Vendors walk through the stands selling bottles of tequila as well as cans of beer. The crowd seemed pretty well behaved, but we were there in the afternoon. Tickets for a later competition also included a show by the famous singer Jenny Rivera.

The crowd might have been in a different mood by then.

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