Saturday, September 15, 2012

To get a girlfriend, you need a back seat

One of my favorite sights on the Tsinghua University campus is of the male students hauling their female friends around on the back of their bikes. 

The girls ride sidesaddle and seem to have no problem balancing themselves perfectly without using their hands. It helps for a boy to have a padded seat on the back. No seat, maybe no girlfriend.

I have seen girls with the parasol in one hand while they talk on the cellphone with the other, and I spent an hour staking out the main bicycle road to get such a shot, but they always turned off before I could capture it.

It is true that boys give rides to other boys and girls give rides to girls, but in my unscientific survey, it seems that the arrangement shown here is the most common.

Many Chinese have told me that women want to have light skin, the lighter the better, so a parasol is essential gear.

Graduation day


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